App Icon and Localized Launch Images

Here is a surprise I ran into while adding an application icon to an app that had localized launch images.

The localized launch images were in the appropriate sub-directories of the main application bundle and were loaded appropriately at app start up.  The Load Image key in Info.plist was empty, but since the image files were named Default.png, they loaded just fine at start up.

Then I decided to add an application icon. First, I could not get the icon to be localized by placing it into the language-specific sub-directories, the same way I did it with launch images.  So, I moved the icon to the main bundle directory.  The icon did get picked up by the system and was used on the screen, but…  the icon was now also used as the launch image.

The solution to get the localized launch images displayed with the icon still working was to specify a value for the Launch Image key in Info.plist.  It did not matter if the images were called Default or something else: as long as the image name was specified in that key, the localized images were displayed.