HOWTO: Hostgator Domain Hosted on Azure

One of the first things I decided to do after signing up for Azure was to set up a website. I had registered a domain using Hostgator and wanted to use it with Azure. Typically web hosting providers list name servers that you can specify on the site where you registered your domain (i.e. on your registrar’s website) and can then use the domain with your hosting provider.

However, Azure did not provide name servers. Instead it gave instructions for setting up DNS (A and CNAME) records. At first I did not see how to do this with Hostgator, but finally I found two methods:

  1. Point my Hostgator-registered domain to my Hostgator hosting package’s name servers. Then configure the domain as an addon and redirect it to Azure.
  2. Again, point the domain to the hosting package via name servers, configure it as an addon domain, and then manage the domain’s DNS (A, CNAME etc.) records using either DNS Zone Editor or Advanced DNS Zone Editor in the cPanel.